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Business Litigation

Our lawyers are proficient with judicial policies and procedures and regularly attend court proceedings in various Texas counties. We have extensive trial experience in a variety of civil litigation, mediation and arbitration matters and would be happy to consult with you about your litigation needs. Some of our experience includes:

Business Litigation
  • Representing business clients in significant legal disputes including breach of contract cases, construction/renovation problems, real estate issues, Partnership disputes covenant not to compete litigation, premises liability suits, property damage cases, personal injury actions and a variety of other commercial litigation
  • Advising corporate clients regarding contract drafting, insurance and indemnification matters
Builder and Developer Litigation
  • Representing builders and buyers in breach of contract suits, home defects and misrepresentation/fraud cases in both litigation and arbitration
  • Representing major land developers in a variety of litigation relative to development activities in both litigation and arbitration
  • Advising builders and developers regarding contractual and insurance matters
  • Representing major land developers in deed restriction litigation, easement disputes, negotiations and dealings with HOAs.
Insurance litigation
  • Representing major insurance carriers on first and third party personal lines
  • Representing corporations on denied insurance claims under a variety of policy types
  • Writing coverage opinions for insurance clients, for corporate clients and to assist third parties in litigation
  • Litigating declaratory actions, breach of contract claims, and statutory and common law bad faith suits
Fiduciary Litigation
  • Litigating every kind of probate, will and trust lawsuit, including: breach of fiduciary duty, will contests, undue influence, lack of testamentary capacity, will forgery, validity of wills or codicils, interpretation of wills and beneficiary designations, issues with pre-marital agreements, improper investments, conflicts of interest, interpretation of charitable bequests,heirship determinations and many other types of will, trust and intestacy disputes. We also handle alternative dispute resolution (like mediation, arbitration and family settlement agreements) related to probate, will and trust matters.
  • Representing clients involved in multimillion dollar will, trust, estate, common law marriage and community/separate property lawsuits
  • Helping beneficiaries and trustees to reform or modify trusts
  • Representing and opposing fiduciaries in declaratory actions, removal actions and breach of fiduciary duty suits
  • Representing estates that include business
Real Estate Litigation or real estate litigation
  • Representing clients in real estate law suits, including interpretation of deeds; breach of sale/purchase agreements; premises liability; adverse possession; foreclosure; establishment or abandonment of easements; drainage, water and riparian rights; nuisance; trespass; determining legal rights,clearing; clouded title, trespass to try title and other issues.
Tax Controversy
  • Periodically, we are called upon by our clients to assist with tax controversies before the Internal Revenue Service. The work can range from simple advice, counsel and informal negotiations with representatives of the IRS, to formal adversarial proceedings through the appeals process, to Tax, Federal Appeals Courts and when warranted, the Supreme Court. This work is provided at an hourly rate of the attorneys involved in the matter and a substantial retainer is required in advance, prior to the Firm undertaking such an engagement.