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Wealth Transfer & Preservation Strategies

The firm offers a wide range of wealth transfer and wealth preservation planning services. The planning process at Martin, Earl & Stilwell, LLP usually begins with an initial conference to gather the client's data, explore goals and objectives, answer questions and provide information about the firm, as well as discuss the planning process and the techniques and strategies we use. To help a client better understand his or her situation, we also provide a preliminary analysis. The initial conference and the preliminary analysis are normally provided on a no obligation basis.

Wealth transfer and preservation planning involves assisting our clients in preparing an integrated estate, tax, and financial plan to meet their specific goals, as developed in our initial conference. This is particularly critical when a client owns a small business into which most, if not all, of the client's wealth is concentrated. We work closely with our clients and their other advisors to:

  • Protect and preserve a client's business and personal assets during their lifetime;
  • Maximize the amount of these assets available to the client's family and future generations;
  • Avoid, to the largest degree possible, the impact of wealth transfer taxes and predatory creditor claims; and
  • Determine the timing and circumstances under which loved ones and younger family members receive the benefit and/or control of these assets.